How to Solve Problems

Focus, no multi-tasking. Simplify your goals and don’t follow conventional advice. You’ll find shortcuts everywhere.

Problem: I don’t know what I want to make for dinner.
Solution: 1) Look through your pantry and put what you have into a recipe generator. Use what’s going to expire the soonest first.
2) Go to the grocery store freezer section and pick the one you’d fuck if it looked just like the photo.
3) Call a friend that knows you and ask them what you want. They’ll probably tell you pizza. You’ll probably go along with it and pay for cheap, cheesy goodness. Don’t fuck the pizza.

Problem: I don’t know what to write about.
Solution: 1) Figure out what interests you. This means going out and doing things (sigh) like reading, talking to people (sighhh), and thinking. When you’re thinking about a thing you really like, write down your thoughts. Tada.
2) If you’re sales-minded (sellout), find a group of readers that buy new books consistently and write the kind of story that sells to them the most. This is how entrepreneurs work backwards from markets to find good business ideas. Or, did you think ideas were pooped out from clouds?
3) If nothing interests you and you don’t give a shit about money, then why are you bothering? Do something you actually like.

Problem: I have too much email. 🙁
Solution: 1) Start unsubscribing and spam-blocking all the shit you don’t even read, you narcissistic troglodyte.
2) Create an auto-responder/filter system that organizes your important email from the trash and nonsense for you.
3) If you don’t know how to do this, learn. If you don’t feel like learning or bothering with your own email at all, get a virtual assistant or freelancer (,,,, etc.) to do it for you. Estimate the time this would save you each week to give it a price and at least figure out a system to sort things so you can explain the job easily and prevent paying more than you have to.